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Astrology Readings

Astrology readings are conducted both in person and remotely. Find out what does it take for you to live your life to the fulest. Schedule a reading.  

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Upcoming Webinars and Recordings - Quality Astrology Knowledge with Scientific Enhancement for All Levels


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Aura Scan and Tune Up

Your aura is a subtle energy field all around your body.

This field is a part of you. The texture, the size, the shape and temperature of this field are very telling about your mental, emotional and physical health. This field is sensitive to relationships you are forming with people. It is vulnerable other energy entities attacks.

If the field is large and healthy, it is a signature of one's good health and great relationships with people. If the field is weak, has uneven texture, asymmetry, cold temperature, it signifies physical problems, emotional pain, unhealthy relationships with people, negative entities attachments, energy vampire attachments.

Looking after your aura, healing it, keeping your aura clean and healthy ensures better quality life, better heath and relationships.

Schedule your aura scan and tuneup NOW!

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Youtube Channel

Watch Interviews by Nadia with many brilliant astrologers as well as interviews where Nadia is being interviewed about her framework in physics of astrology.