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Physical qualities of celestial bodies.

How do Planets and other celestial bodies affect us?

First we want to bring the attention of astrologers, astrology lovers and skeptics to the fact that even though astrology is working a lot with symbolism and ancient myths, the celestial bodies are real.

We have already mentioned that the Sun and the Moon have real effects on our daily life that is easily explained within mainstream science and has a real physical base to it. 

What about other celestial bodies?

It is well known that as physical bodies, planets, asteroids, comets and stars all have certain physical qualities: size, mass, density, temperature, magnetic field and behavior patterns, which include spinning around their own axis, orbiting around the sun, etc.


It is known that the structure of the solar system (of the Universe in general) as well as patterns of planetary and starry behaviors are due to these physical qualities, especially gravity.


What is not obvious to most people on our planet is what do these physical qualities have to do with astrology...


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