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3 Questions that are hard to answer about astrology.

Here are 3 of the most common questions asked by skeptics, which also represent most common unsolved problems of astrology:


  1. Is astrology science, art or religion (superstition)?  
  2. What is the physical mechanism by which celestial bodies influence our life?  
  3. Can astrology predict everything? Is life 100% predefined? Is there a place for 'free will'?

 Short overview of most popular ideas

Today each astrologer, when facing the question whether astrology is a science, art or a belief system, finds his own answers and expresses his own ideas concerning these subjects. There is no unified common theory upon which astrologers base their view. Some Astrologers consider astrology a science, while others consider astrology a combination of science and art. There are some that believe astrology should not be associated with science, that it is a pure art of interpretation.


The most common answers to the second question are:


  • We don't know,
  • It is symbolic 
  • The mechanism is not physical but spiritual (divine)


Rare astrologers use the words gravity or magnetism or any other scientific terms. However serious astrologers know that astrology works, which means there has to be a mechanism.


Is there free will? This is the most difficult philosophical question. Those who don’t believe in astrology or any other predictive techniques are strong believers into the power of their mind as choices and decision making mechanism (free will). They also believe that when we don’t make a choice things happen to us accidentally or randomly. Followers of occult sciences have some understanding that our lives are not accidental and that day-to-day encounters are not exactly random. Certain events in a person’s life happen beyond or in spite of person’s decisions and against all odds. Astrologers and psychics are capable of predicting many (if not all) events. Predictability is a completely opposite concept to free will

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