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Gravity and Magnetism

You may have heard from popular quantum physics that there are four kinds of fundamental forces in nature by means of which particles or planets interact. These fundamental forces are the interactions that do not appear to be reducible to more basic interactions. They are gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear and strong nuclear.

In quantum field theory weak and strong forces are considered to be only in effect at very short (nuclear) distances. In the recent years, in attempt to unify these forces into a single field (Unified field theory ), the weak force was described as an expression of an electromagnetic force and the strong force is theorized to be a form of gravity force.

Gravitational and electromagnetic forces are the ones we are primarily considering in this chapter due to their long distance effect. These forces provide the mechanism, by which celestial and terrestrial events are synchronized.

Let’s take closer look at how it works. Initially, I would like to point your attention to gravity as the most important, in my opinion, mechanism by which celestial bodies influence our life.

What do you know about gravity?


Did you know that modern physics and astrophysics can’t really explain what exactly gravity is?



We all know about the Moon’s gravitational affect on tides (learn more about Moon Tides).
The Sun and planets all cause tides in the Earth’s matter. Lunar tides are the most obvious, because the Monn is the closest object to Earth.

Gravity affects not just the ocean water but all matter, including us. Only soft and liquid substances change their shape according to the gravitational pull making it easy for us to observe the effect. Gases also easily move towards pulling object. Although it is not as easy to observe gases flow in nature with naked eye, we still have firm evidence of lunar tides in the atmosphere obtained through scientific measurements by special equipment.

Look at the dynamic picture on the left and imagine a human being in the center instead of the Earth. The tidal effect will be the same!

Actually, what we are experiencing here is gravitational waves. 

Each wave has certain wave characteristics. These are wavelength (or frequency) and amplitude. The frequency of the Moon, for example, is one cycle per month, the frequency or the Sun, Mercury and Venus is one cycle per year, Mars is one cycle per 2 years, Jupiter - one cycle per 12 years, Saturn - one cycle per 29 years, Uranus - one cycle per 84 years, Neptune one cycle per 165 years, Pluto one cycle per 248 years. 

Of course, on the first glance, it seems that these gravitational waves are too small to cause a serious effect on the way we think, make decisions or on the way we feel physically and emotionally. Let’s see how these gravitational waves can be understood and processed by our brain and body. 

The gravitational wave applied to any matter causes this matter to change some of its physical qualities accordingly. Soft or mutable matter produces more visible change then hard matter, like the change of shape (compare the ocean water and a rock). These cyclic changes can be called oscillations. The charged particles, as a part of any matter, are also oscillating under influence of the gravitational wave, producing oscillating magnetic fields. So, if we have an entity with a certain magnetic field, then that field, being disturbed by many gravitational waves, has many correspondent harmonics. For example, the Earth’s magnetic field (GMF) has a harmonic related to the Moon’s daily variations, and also many other harmonics. Some of them are related to the influences by other planets. Scientists explane that the Moon causes tides in the ionosphere, which consequently oscillates producing an oscillating magnetic field which interacts with the geomagnetic field producing the above mentioned harmonics.

The way I see it, it is not just the ionosphere but everything on Earth that contains charged particles produces oscillating magnetic fields that interact with GMF. In other words, the Earth, as a whole, is oscillating due to the Moon's influence. the Moon in tern is also oscillating due to the Earth's gravity effect. 


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