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Direct and Transmitted Gravity Influence. Resonance

Direct effect ‘Planet to terrestrial object’ is really weak. It’s calculated based on the famous Newtonian ratio where the only parameters that are taken into consideration are the masses of two bodies and the distance between them. 

It is time to introduce transmitted effect as opposed to direct effect, we have discussed so far. What I mean by transmitted effect is an effect that comes from another entity that was affected by the Moon. 

Every material object affects us gravitationally and electromagnetically. We are even affected by seemingly non-material phenomena like electromagnetic storms, radio waves, etc.

Let's just look at one transmitter of energy for now, the Atmosphere.

While moving around the Earth, the Moon actually creates a gravitational wave in the atmosphere just like it does in the ocean producing tides. The atmospheric particles are for the most part charged. Especially the higher layers of it like ionosphere. As we already discussed, the gravitational wave causes oscillations in charged particles therefore oscillating electromagnetic field that in turn also affects us.

Don't we know how sensitive humans are to the atmospheric changes, like change in pressure, humidity, electromagnetic state?

Now we can see the bigger picture. On one hand we have the Newtonian weak direct force of gravity that comes straight from the Moon and transmitted wave that comes from the atmosphere of the same frequency and phase.

What happens when two waves with the same frequency and phase come together? - They produce a resonance. Which means the amplitude doubles.

Resonance is a powerful phenomenon. When we hear the word resonance we associate it with a sound, with music.

The whole Earth including every person, animal, plant, rock and household item are carrying gravitational and electromagnetic field frequencies correspondent to every celestial body. Your brain cells and molecules oscillate with various frequencies at the same time. Each frequency corresponds with one of the celestial bodies. Thus your body has a complex electromagnetic field in and around you that has a structure molded by these external influences.

The skeptic would say 'Well, my wife, who lives with me, affects me much stronger then the Moon, that's far away, why then do I have to pay attention to the Moon at all?"


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