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Defining astrology. Is Astrology science, art or religion?

Astrology lover: "I believe in Astrology. Science is cool too."

Scientist: "I'm a scientist. I'm not interested in Astrology because it is not a science."

Skeptic, non-scientist: "I don't believe in Astrology. I believe in science!"

Astrologer: "I'm an Astrologer. Astrology is amazing. It works."

Me: "I'm an astrologer and I'm a scientist, however I don't believe in Astrology and I don't believe in Science. For me it's not a matter of belief in either. It's a matter to show that they are not separate."   

Today each astrologer, when facing the question whether astrology is a science, art or a belief system, finds his own answers and expresses his own ideas concerning these subjects. There is no unified common theory upon which astrologers base their view. Some Astrologers consider astrology a science, while others consider astrology a combination of science and art. There are some that believe astrology should not be associated with science, that it is a pure art of interpretation.


The most common answers to the second question are:

  • We don't know,
  • It is symbolic or
  • The mechanism is not physical but spiritual (divine)

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