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Receiving, Transmitting and Amplifying: We Are Radio!

If we compare nature objects and people to radio receiving, transmitting and amplifying devices, we would suddenly notice similar rules of engagement.

Let's look at radio devices, how they receiving wireless wave signals, amplifying them, decoding, transmitting. The antenna first gets bombarded by electromagnetic waves of a wide spectrum. Just like we are and everything else under the sky.

Electromagnetic waves can be of a visible by the eye spectrum, invisible sound waves, infrared, ultraviolet, etc. They travel through space.

On the way to the receiving antenna their path can be altered by reflection, refraction or diffraction. Radio enthusiasts know that initially you get a lot of noise. If you know what kind of a signal or a station you are looking for, you use electrical resonance of tuned circuits in radios to allow individual frequencies to be selected. A resonant circuit responds stronger to particular frequency, and less to other frequencies.

The electromagnetic wave is captured by a tuned receiving antenna, the device then returns it to the form of oscillating electrical currents which then gets demodulated by the receiver to a usable signal form by detector sub-system. We can tune the receiver to respond to the desired signals, and reject the rest. A transistor is used to amplify weak signals.

Essentially a receiver receives its input from an antenna, filters a desired signal, amplifies it and decodes it into a form usable for the consumer.

A human body is in fact a superb sophisticated device capable of receiving, modulating, decoding, amplifying and transmitting various electromagnetic signals. Our whole body is like a sensitive antenna is bombarded by a wide spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Our brain is a complex processing computer that operates by means of electromagnetic processes that include resonances.


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