’Physics of Chemistry’ Astrology Reading (2 hour)
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    ’Physics of Chemistry’ Astrology Reading (2 hour)

This is a LOVE/RELATIONSHIP reading based on two Natal Charts (Charts of Birth), yours and your partner's (lover's or love prospect's). This is Sinastry reading

I need your Birth data as well as your partner's: Time, Place, Day, Month, Year of Birth.
Prepare up to 5 questions when placing the order.

We will look at the dynamic of your relationship or a potential of it. We'll explore possibilities to improve the current relationship or to start the new one with the best possible strategy lined up. We will also look into the chemistry resonance, sexual connection, love versa sex dynamic, long term potential, etc.

You get your Sinastry Chart and about 10-15 pages report which description of your planets in signs and houses and how they all work in your personalities and lives.

During the consultation we focus on:

1. Two personalities dynamic
2. Love/Relationship or potential of it.
3. Chemistry/Sex
4. Avoid/resolve conflicts
5. Path to Happiness

The readings are conducted via online conferinsing (Zoom or Skype) or in-person. Audio/video recording is included with this reading but optional. Recordings will be sent to you via FTP service for download after the reading.

Price: $300.00