’Space-Time’ - Single Question - Horary Astrology Reading (20 Min)
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    ’Space-Time’ - Single Question - Horary Astrology Reading (20 Min)

A moment in space and time has a special unique energy structure. When planets are lined up in a certain way when their vibrations resonate with yours a question pups in your head that relates to a very unique situation in your life. I cast the chart for the moment when I get a question from you. During the 20 min reading I answer your question and give you details related to the matter.

To schedule please email Nadia at nadia@physicsofastrology.com or text at 917-775-9700

The popular subjects and questions for such Horary astrology reading are

  • Love/Relashionships: Should I date this person?, Is my wife cheating on me? Should i brake up?
  • Real Estate: Should I buy this appartment/house?, Will I sell my property?
  • Job/Career: Will I get this position? Should I change career? Will I be succesful in my new business?
  • Other: Should I go back to scool? Should I move to another State/Country? etc.


The readings are conducted via online conferinsing (Zoom or Skype) or in-person. Audio/video recording is included with this reading but optional. Recordings will be sent to you via FTP service for download after the reading.

Price: $85.00