’Your Life Blueprint’ Astrology Reading (1 hour)
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    ’Your Life Blueprint’ Astrology Reading (1 hour)

This is an overall personality reading based on your Natal Chart (Chart of Birth) I need your Birth data: Time, Place, Day, Month, Year of Birth. Prepare up to 3 questions when placing the order. I will talk about your birth/incarnation into your unique life situation. Your very special personality traits, how they outlined in your Blueprint and how they play out in your work, relationships, health, etc. You get your personal Natal Chart and about 15-20 pages report which is a description of your planets in signs and houses and how it all work in your personality and life (either in person printed out or via email)

During the consultation we focus on:

1. Your overall personality (strong points, weaknesses)
2. Your place in society
3. Your goals
4. We may touch on your soul mission and karma

To schedule please email Nadia at nadia@physicsofastrology.com or text at 917-775-9700

The readings are conducted via online conferincing (Zoom or Skype) or in-person. Audio/video recording is included with this reading but optional. Recordings will be sent to you via FTP service for download after the reading.

Price: $185.00